“Michael Wicherek’s “urban ghost story” is a one-man show about an 18-year-old who can look after himself (as long as it doesn’t involve doing any cleaning).
Lloyd Thomas is on his doorstep late at night, trying to get his beloved mum to let him in. But for the first time in his life, she’s not listening.
In between shouts of “Muuuuuuuuuuuum” the A-level student recalls growing up into “an alright, nice guy”, focusing on his relationships with his family and his girlfriend, Sammy.
His memories are revealed in an addictive mix of speech and rapping – even getting an uncomfortable audience member involved in the dialogue.
Under Iqbal Khan’s direction, the impressive stage – designed by Rhys Jarman – is used beautifully, transforming from a car to a swimming pool then to a house party with just a small change in the warm lighting and a smoke machine.
By the time the twist is revealed you’ll be so involved in the story your heart will almost audibly break a little for Lloyd, his mother and a generation that is so often underestimated.”

Lauren Paxman THE STAGE