Time for the Good Looking Boy THEATRE **** Time for the Good Looking Boy Pleasance Dome

“Lloyd Thomas is a good-looking boy, but he also gives a more than good-looking performance here. His performance is quite compelling – you won’t easily find a better one-man show. He takes risks – including getting a member of the audience to act from her seat in the voice of his girlfriend – helping her with a few lines. It goes fine. He also brings us into the action by asking us a number of rhetorical questions. He’s not a bad boy, as he says – all boys can be a bit wild – and we learn about his father’s departure, his girlfriend and sister, and how he comes to be outside the door, locked out – or does he? Are things as they seem? We are drawn into the kinds of fun he has with his friends, and the night out they have been having. Gradually, things darken, but not before you have got to feel real friendly with this character and have entered into his world. The final section is very moving, but this is maybe a bit long. Michael Wicherek has written a very engaging script, which moves between scenes and characters very nimbly, and establishes situations with few words. The set is wonderfully compact and effective for the various locations. You would in no way regret spending an hour in the company of this good bad boy, as you explore his life and hopes, up until it is time for him. Lloyd Thomas has complete control of the stage and the audience, and he could take us where ever he wanted. He is a masterly and subtle actor, and I am sure that more will be heard of him.” SGFringe