Box Clever’s Urban Mischief Project will come to an exciting conclusion
 with a rehearsed reading of the sequel to Puck of the Estate at Tate
 Modern on 10 July 2013.

  The new play, with the working title Urban Mischief, has emerged as a
 result of a collaboration between groups of students from seven diverse 
secondary schools across the South of England.

Students from Chichester
High School for Girls, St. Edmund’s Catholic School in Dover, The
Clarendon Academy in Trowbridge, The Charter School in Dulwich, St.
Catherine’s Catholic School in Bexleyheath and Bow School in London,
came together in October to work on the new writing project with Box

  Box Clever presented their newest play, Puck of the Estate, to the
students as a starting point for the development of the new play.

 the course of the past academic year, the students have been developing
this story, working collectively at specially arranged workshop sessions
as well as developing an online community to discuss plot lines and
develop characters.

  On 10 July at 2pm, professional actors directed by Iqbal Khan will give
a rehearsed reading of the new play.

The performance will be brought
together by original music from OneNess Sankara.

  A special documentary film is being developed by Digital Theatre Practitioner  Anna
 Bosworth and will be available in September.