Cast & Creatives 

Director Kitty Winter
1st Assistant Director Samater Ahmed
2nd Assistant Director Jack Reilly
Writer Michael Wicherek
Designer Sorcha Corcoran
Associate Designer Fenna de Jong
Jack Blakey
Set Builder Michael Short
Production Pip Thurlow

More from the team

Space Requirements

Ideally a main school assembly hall, theatre or drama hall. We prefer not to perform in a school gym or sports hall owing to the potentially poor acoustics. We need at least 3m height clearance over the performance space. 

We need a performance space that is at least 6m x 6m with two power points available. 

We require access to the space 90 minutes before and 60 minutes after the performance in order to set up and take down equipment.  

The performance is directed and designed to be performed on all sides, with the students seated on 3 sides of the performance space, though we can accommodate other layouts if necessary. 

Live Performance + Workshop

Suitable for Years 9, 10 and 11

Performance length: 55/60 minutes followed by a 30-minute workshop
Audience number: approximately 150
Venue: ideally school hall with the audience on four sides

Created in collaboration with students from the East Midlands, South West and South East, the company’s latest adaptation explores in thrilling theatre the chilling vision provided by Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella in all its horror. This is a world in which relationships are governed by secrecy, suspicion and doubt; a world of internal and external conflict as one man’s struggles with the duality of his nature threaten to destroy himself and his relationships with those around him.


Focusing on a key event and quotations from the novel, the cast will explore,
with the active involvement of the students, Stevenson’s creation of character,
atmosphere and the Gothic themes of horror and mystery.

Access to rehearsals

Booking a day of Box Clever at your school  will give you the opportunity to receive regular digital updates from the rehearsal room and to allow your students to ask questions of the creative team during the period of rehearsal.

Hosting Box Clever

In line with our policy of opening up rehearsals to students and staff, there are opportunities for schools to host the company in rehearsal for a 2-week period. To find out more about our rehearsals in residence programme, please do request an information sheet.

Rehearsals in Residence

Box Clever Theatre Company is offering schools the exciting opportunity to host rehearsals of a
GCSE text. A Box Clever Residency will allow students access to a professional creative team as they
prepare a new production. For full benefits, click below.