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Director Hal chambers


Richard James-Neale

Michael Wicherek 

Oneness Sankara

Costume Designer Layla Zheng
Production Pip Thurlow

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There was outstanding engagement with the students throughout.

Assistant Head of English

Oriel High School

The key quotations made a great impact on the students. It was a fantastic performance and very engaging.


Outwood Academy Valley

I liked the energy and the liveliness of the performance. It made the story a lot more compelling and interesting.

Year 8 Student

Belmont Prep School Mill Hill

It was a memorable performance that will ensure that I will remember quotations for my exams.

Year 11 Student

Somervale School

Space Requirements

Romeo & Juliet – What size space do I need? 

Ideally a main school assembly hall, theatre or drama hall. We prefer not to perform in a school gym or sports hall owing to the potentially poor acoustics. We need at least 3m height clearance over the performance space. 

We need a performance space that is at least 5m x 7m with two power points available. 

We require access to the space 90 minutes before and 60 minutes after the performance in order to set up and take down equipment.  

The performance is directed and designed to be performed in traverse with students seated on 2 sides of the performance space though we can accommodate other layouts if necessary. 

Live Performance + Modular Workshop

Ideally suited for Years 8, 9,10 and 11
Performance length: 55/60 minutes followed by a 30 minute workshop
Audience number: approximately 150
Venue: ideally school hall with the audience on four sides

The adaptation fully realises the characters of the lovers and brings to life their world: the sound, heat and colour of Verona, the dark threat of the feud between their families and the ever-increasing speed at which events hurry the lovers to their inevitable doom. It also, through the inclusion of the Narrator ensures that Romeo and Juliet themselves do not remain literary creations distant from the 21st century.

Modular Romeo and Juliet Workshops

Teachers can now tailor the follow-up workshop to suit their students’ needs, by choosing from the following modular options (or a mix as needed), each designed by a former Head of English to suit the current exam specifications:


  • Fate and free will: an exploration of whether the tragic events of the play are caused by decisions made by the characters or by events beyond their control.
  • Justice, honour and loyalty: how these values impact on the actions of the characters, and how they relate to the conflict and violence within the play.
  • Love: an exploration of the different aspects of love presented by Shakespeare in the play

Digital Performance + Workshop

Join the Actors online as you watch a professionally recorded production of our play. Drop comments and questions in real time and our actors will respond.

Visit various topics and themes of the play with our post-show workshop which has been specially designed to aid in the study of the play.

Rehearsals in Residence

Box Clever Theatre Company is offering schools the exciting opportunity to host rehearsals of a
GCSE text. A Box Clever Residency will allow students access to a professional creative team as they
prepare a new production. For full benefits, click below.