Romeo and Juliet


Box Clever Theatre’s innovative and successful production of Shakespeare’s enduring and tragic tale of young love.

For ages 13+

Length: 70 minutes (no interval)
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By William Shakespeare
Adapted by Michael Wicherek with OneNess Sankara
Directed by Iqbal Khan

The skilful intertwining of the original text with contemporary language creates a world in which the lovers and their fate speak directly to a 21st century audience.

Highlighting the universal themes of love and hate, youth and age, passion and responsibility, this unique production brings Shakespeare’s story to life with modern language relevant to young people but equally enjoyed by seasoned Shakespeare audiences.

The production centres on a stunning heart-shaped metal set, designed by Lucy Osborne, which creates the ideal backdrop to and platform for the dynamic and engaging performances by the young and energetic cast. In addition, a live DJ set from Virgil Howe provides a soundtrack that intensifies the passion and tragedy of the two central characters.

Michael Wicherek’s adaptation fully realises the characters of the lovers and brings to life their world: the sound, heat and colour of Verona, the dark threat of the feud between their families and the ever-increasing speed at which events hurry the lovers to their inevitable doom.  It also, through the inclusion of the Narrator, ensures that Romeo and Juliet themselves do not remain literary creations, distant from the 21st century. The Narrator not only brings to life those characters that circle the lovers but also challenges the decisions and actions of Romeo and Juliet themselves in this abridged version of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.

This production gives a fresh understanding for those who know the play well and, for those that are new to it, this is the beginning of an amazing journey of discovery.

Following a highly successful run at The Unicorn in April 2013, this performance is now available for touring to theatre venues across the UK.


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Creative team

David Ajao (Romeo); Jessie Dubieniec (Juliet); Carl Chambers (Narrator); Virgil Howe (Live Music); Michael Wicherek (Adaptation); OneNess Sankara (Adaptation); Iqbal Khan (Director); Pip Thurlow (Production Manager); Lucy Osborne (Set Design)

For information and biographies about any members of the cast or creative team, visit our Clever People section.

Receiving venues

Brighton Dome, Corn Exchange (Brighton), Louth Playgoers’ Rivehead Theatre (Lincolnshire), Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (Lincolnshire), The Unicorn (London)

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