While rehearsals in residence for the Shakespeare tour continued for a second week at The Charter School, engaging a further 200 students in Years 9-13,  Michael Wicherek, together with actors Aryana Ramkhalawon and Matt Rutherford in support, headed to Nottingham Trent University to take part in the university’s  Raising the Grade English Conference.

Box Clever was responsible for one of the four highly interactive, confidence-building workshops attended by students from schools in the area in which we used drama as a means of accessing and analysing 19th century literature.

The acting was funny and very involving with the other students. It has helped me to realise that I can be more expressive in classes. It was a very good experience and I’m glad I came. I would love to do this again!

Year 10, The Newark Academy

This was very useful. This really helped with their understanding of the language, was great for building confidence and showing how 19th century texts can be relevant and engaging!

Second in English, Djanogly City Academy