As well as taking part in Nottingham Trent University’s Raising the Grade Conference, the company has taken our workshop on An Inspector Calls to The Wirral, Hertfordshire and Essex in the past two weeks, engaging a total of 945 students. The characters were brought to life by our team of actors: Matt Rutherford, Emma Butcher, Cory Stuckey, Aryana Ramkhalawon and Alan Magor, tips for learning lines shared (very helpful for exam candidates!) and interpretations of the play explored in lively debate as well as providing the students with an opportunity to try out the roles themselves.

I really enjoyed being able to act the play instead of just reading it and being able to get to know the characters from a first-hand experience, something you can’t do in the classroom. I found that acting it through with experienced actors who had studied it and knew it, and listening to different ideas that may not come up in class most helpful.

Year 11, Hitchin Boys School


I felt that our students benefited from seeing the rehearsal process and how the line interpretations developed. The workshop opened up interpretations of the play. This was a really valuable experience and the students were lucky to have had the opportunity.

Teacher, Wirral Grammar School for Girls