The Urban Camouflage Project

The Urban Camouflage Project

September 2016 

Highlighting the dangers of young pedestrians not being seen!

In partnership with Wigan Council.

Responding creatively to concerns within the Borough, Box Clever is working with young pedestrians in the area to develop a new road safety performance piece. The focus is on heightening their awareness of the importance of seeing the urban environment clearly and making themselves visible to other road users before they move across the street.

Following script development and residence at Hawkley Hall High School, the interactive performance will tour to schools in Wigan to audiences of Year 7 and 8 students since statistics have indicated that this is the age group most susceptible to injury in collisions where they have failed to see or be seen.

Creative Team

Michael Wicherek (Writer); Matthew Rutherford (Actor); Corey Stuckey (Actor); Cameron Johnson (Actor); Maria Gray (Actor); Stephen Burke (Director).

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