Anti-bullying performances and workshops for young people in Tower Hamlets and Brent

September – December 2013


The Hate Play is a dynamic and enthralling performance that tackles the issues of hate crime and bullying interactively so that  young people are encouraged to discuss their thoughts and experiences of victimisation. In Autumn 2013, Box Clever Theatre completed a second round of visits to secondary schools in Tower Hamlets, funded by Aldgate and Allhallows Foundation.

The Hate Play Project in Tower Hamlets came to an exciting conclusion with a special symposium on 4 December 2013 at the People’s Palace, Queen Mary, University of London. This video documents that impressive event.

In Autumn 2013 we were also able to extend the programme to the London Borough of Brent  with the support of John Lyon’s Charity.  This enabled us to work with pupils in Year Nine in 11 schools across the two London Boroughs.

The Hate Play

The Hate Play Project aims, through powerful drama, interaction and creativity, to empower the students, to show them that they do have a voice and the means to effect real and positive changes in their community, thus making an important contribution to promoting social harmony and tolerance

Since its inception, the play and the issues which it explores have become a key project in the Company’s repertoire. Central to the project is the exploration of the issues through creative writing, a means of giving voice to the students’ thoughts and feelings in a secure and supportive environment, and the subsequent sharing of that work between the students of different schools and different communities.

A central objective of the project was to create and sustain a collective of young people from the different schools who would be able to meet and share their thoughts and ideas about bullying and hate crime in a creative environment. They would use writing as a tool of expression and empowerment, returning to their schools and communities to work for greater social cohesion.

The project stages

Stage One: The Hate Play tour

Box Clever Theatre Company performed their innovative and dynamic production of The Hate Play, dealing with the key issues of bullying, hate crime and victimisation, in each of the project schools.

Stage Two: Interactive workshops

Members of the company returned to each school to lead two workshops working with 20-25 students from Year 9 in order to explore the issues of the play through creative writing.

Stage Three: Sharing

A Gathering was held at the Capital City Academy in Brent, at which students from each school met to share and perform their work.  A similar gathering was held at the Ideas Store, Whitechapel, in which 4-5 students from each school met to share and perform their work.

Stage Four: Symposium (Tower Hamlets only)

A Symposium was held at The People’s Palace, Queen Mary, University of London at which representatives of the schools, the company, Aldgate and Allhallows Foundation and invited guests came together at the climax of the project.

Number of performances: 11
Number of sessions for participation: 25
Number of audience members: 1880
Number of participants: 702

Feedback and evaluation

Read the full 2013 Brent Hate Project evaluation

Read the 2013 Tower Hamlets Hate Project evaluation

Photos and film

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Project partners

Stepney Green Maths and Computing College, Central Foundation Girls’ School, Mulberry School for Girls, Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School, Bow School of Maths and Computing, Swanlea School and Business Enterprise College, St Paul’s Way Trust School, Raine’s Foundation School, Queens Park Community School, Alperton Community School, Capital City Academy, Ideas Store, Whitechapel, The People’s Palace, Queen Mary, University of London

Creative team

Michael Wicherek (Writer), Iqbal Khan (Director), Sarah Booth (Costumes), OneNess Sankara (Live Music), Matt Rutherford (Project Manager), Anna Bosworth (Digital Theatre Practitioner), Asha Reid (Tania), Darrel Bailey (Skate), David Ajao (Cal) and Miles Mitchell (Vik).



Algate & Allhallows Foundation

John Lyon’s Charity