Box in LOV

Bringing theatre to young people across Lincolnshire

January – April 2013


In the autumn of 2012 we launched our innovative touring project in Lincolnshire, funded through the Arts Council England Strategic Touring Fund and in partnership with Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre.

This pilot project aimed to bring theatre to young people across the County, exposing them to creative people and give them the opportunity to get involved with performance workshops, interactive sessions and watch live theatre.

The Company undertook a residency at the Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre, where they rehearsed performances of Boxed Romeo & Juliet and Boxed Macbeth, as well as an interactive workshop performance entitled Introduction to Shakespeare. Students from 13 schools across Lincolnshire were invited to attend rehearsal sessions, to watch the development process and to interact with the Company.

Box Clever delivered workshops for students on how to act out Shakespeare’s text and for teachers on using creative processes to their delivery in classrooms.

Once the rehearsal process completed, the project progressed to bring these plays and workshops into 13 schools across the county.  A total of 23 performances were delivered to 2,781 students.

The project culminated with two performances of Time for the Good Looking Boy, Michael Wicherek’s critically acclaimed production, which gave the students the opportunity to compare and contrast new writing with the classic performances they saw in school.

Number of performances: 40
Number of sessions for participation: 36
Number of audience members: 3488
Number of participants: 2210


Supported by

Arts Council England (Strategic Touring Fund)



Project partners

Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre; Caistor Yarborough Academy; Caistor Grammar School, The Grimsby Institute, Queen Elizabeth II Grammar School Horncastle, De Aston School, Monks Dyke Tennyson College, Branston Community College, Louth Cordeaux Academy, Skegness Academy, Queen Elizabeth II Grammar School Alford, Birkbeck College, King Edward VI Grammar School, Cherry Willingham Community School.

Feedback and evaluation

“The best part was the whole introduction.  I liked that they made everything funny and involved the audience.” Student, Caistor Yarborough Academy

“It was energetic, very well acted and the actors were friendly.” Student, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

“Use of modification alongside original to aid understanding was very well balanced.  Engagement with audience during and after the performance was excellent.” English teacher, De Aston School

“I particularly liked the emotion, the humour.  I enjoyed the closeness of the audience and the modern language which made it very accessible to my students.” English tutor, The Grimsby Institute

What happened next?

Following the successful delivery of this pilot project, Box Clever have been awarded £85,000 from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to continue the project across 2014 and 2015.

Full details of the new project are available here.

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