It may be the end of term for all the wonderful schools we’ve visited this past year but we’re already working hard preparing for a packed autumn season.  Here are the highlights of what’s to come:

The Frankenstein Project, funded by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Programme, the Foyle Foundation and the Garfield Weston Foundation, reaches its climax with the company returning to the partner schools in Kent, Wigan and Lincolnshire as rehearsals for the full production get underway. Performances take place in the three areas and nationally before a final show for Hallowe’en at the Ovalhouse theatre in London.

The Merchant of Venice Project, funded by Oxford High School and Standard Chartered Bank, also launches this autumn. Six schools in East London will host a performance followed by members of the company leading students in writing workshops focusing on the themes of the play. The work will culminate in a Symposium in November at which representatives from each of the schools will share and discuss their creative writing.

A new production of Mark and the Marked, funded by Arts Council England and John Lyon’s Charity, will be directed by Kim Sykes who is currently with the RSC. The play about the importance and power of friendship and which uses vibrant physical and visual performance techniques, tours with performances and follow-up creative workshops to primary schools in West London, North Lincolnshire and Wigan.

The Passenger, our powerful, passionate and thought-provoking road-safety presentation for Year 11 students, also returns to tour the London Borough of Croydon and the counties of Hampshire and Sussex.

The news will now take a break until September but we’ll be posting new material on individual pages so do keep coming to the website!