Michael Wicherek’s vibrant and moving Mark and the Marked, which uses physical and visual theatre but no words to draw pupils in Years 5 & 6 into a typical bullying scenario is now touring.  The performance of the play, directed by Kim Sykes (RSC Dido, Queen of Carthage) is the first stage of a project, supported by John Lyons Charity and Arts Council England, engaging primary schools in North-West London, Scunthorpe and Wigan in the themes of compassion for others, the importance of difference and the value of social diversity.   Subsequently the performance team of Jack Blakey, Charlyne Francis, Michael Holden and Riad Richie will return to each of the schools with a workshop to support the pupils in the development of words for the characters in the play. The project climaxes at Harrow Arts Centre in December when the pupils will gather to meet and share their ideas in a final workshop.

This will have made a huge impact on these children and will be something they will remember for a long time.  The play was a fabulous balance of light-hearted humour, raw emotion and social understanding.

Class teacher, Willesden