Feet First


A beautiful, family-based story which promotes walking to school and road safety awareness, and which is filled with wonderful storytelling and live music to engage the pupils.


Touring Summer 2018

Ideally suited for Years 1 & 2

Performance length:  35 minutes followed by a 15 minute workshop
Audience number: approximately 150

Feet First is bought in weekly blocks by Local Authorities for use in their schools.

Feet First is an exuberant and engaging story of a little boy who would love to walk to school and his busy grandmother who wants to drive. The grandmother is taken back into her past as she relives her own walking journeys to school and is reminded of the fun that she had on them. The play, its interactive sessions and workshop are specifically designed to encourage the pupils to walk to school safely, to promote healthy travel, sustainable transport and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

“It was a great way to get messages across because it was interactive and used all of their senses rather than just reading or listening. Because they enjoyed it, they will remember it. Thank you! I’ve just chatted to my class and they loved it and could all tell me how to be safe crossing the road!”

Head of Year 2, Lambeth

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Creative team

Written by Michael Wicherek and directed by Kitty Winter, with music by Wayne Walker-Allen. Pid’or Tampa (actor); Jack Blakey (actor)

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