An urban ghost story  by Michael Wicherek

Time for the Good Looking Boy toured from August 2011 until December 2013, launching with a critically acclaimed run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The performance was short-listed for Best Play for Young People by the Writers Guild of Great Britain.
“Smart, knowing and full of heart, this may be an urban ghost story but the shivers it sends up your spine are nothing to do with spooks, and everything to do with its wondrous spell.”
Following Dirty Kissing and Sixteen Up, Time for the Good Looking Boy was the third play in the trilogy of original plays developed for young people aged 14 plus and formed part of the Urban Mischief Project. The project continues to focus on closer working relationships between the company, venues and young audiences.

The story

An extraordinary night in the life of an ordinary young man is shared with the audience through memories and emotions. This compelling, witty and intimate play explores the harsh realities of growing up, independence and the consequences of a journey which will change lives forever.

Using the rhythms and gestures of rap, underscored by an original soundtrack, the play tells us of the love between a young man and his girlfriend and her concern about what will happen when she leaves for university. The play explores the emotional consequences of feeling abandoned by a father and the guilt after rejecting attempts at reconciliation.

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“Every aspect of this production is outstanding. From the bare, basic stage set which subtly changes to reflect different moods and situations to the cleverly crafted and selected musical interludes, the atmosphere is intense and gripping.” Read full review

“It’s the remarkable performance by Lloyd Thomas that really makes this neat one-man show.” Read full review

“An interesting, soulful tale of coming-of-age, the play relies on underlying currents of guilt, remorse and youthful optimism.” Read full review

Receiving venues

Arts Centre Washington (Washington), The New Wolsey Theatre (Ipswich), Emporium (Brighton); Half Moon Young People’s Theatre (London); Greenbelt Festival (Cheltenham);  The Forum (Darlington); The Wynd Theatre (Melrose)

Creative team

Lloyd Thomas (Boy); Carl Chambers (Boy); Michael Wicherek (Writer); Iqbal Khan (Director) OneNess Sankara (Adaptation); Rhys Jarman (Set & Costume Design); Jon Nicholls (Composer)


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