Boxed Macbeth

As part of our Shakespeare repertoire, we have toured Boxed Macbeth for a number of years to schools and theatre venues. Boxed Macbeth last toured in Spring 2014.

This spine-chilling adaptation of Shakespeare’s play uses an imaginative and seamless combination of original text and modern-day speech, with a stunning set that entangles the performers directly in Macbeth’s fatal web of corruption.

Three actors use modern language and physical theatre to chart the devastating effect that one act of evil can have on an honourable and loyal man. Throughout the performance the actors come out of character to engage with the audience to discuss what they are watching and what choices they would make if they were faced with the same circumstances. This interactivity ensures that the students are fully engaged with the production, characters and plot.

Using language that will help them with their GCSE assignments, the students will understand the consequences of the actions of the central characters, be able to discuss the relationships in the play, the changes that happen to the characters and to write about the effects a disturbed character can have on those whom he loves.

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