Macbeth | Available Live & Online

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Live Performance

Ideally suited for Years 9,10 or 11
Performance length: 55/60 minutes followed by a 30 minute workshop
Audience number: approximately 150
Venue: ideally school hall with the audience on four sides

Vibrant language and physical theatre chart the devastating effect that one act of evil can have on an otherwise honourable and loyal man – we see how the ripples of that act spread to destroy both Macbeth himself and all those for whom he cared. As their actions are challenged by a third character who also brings the wider world of the play to life, Macbeth and his wife are seen to become ever more prey to the devastating horrors they have unleashed as they move inevitably towards their doom.

Modular Macbeth Workshops

Teachers can now tailor the follow-up workshop to suit their students’ needs, by choosing from the following modular options (or a mix as needed), each designed by a former Head of English to suit the current exam specifications:

  • Supernatural power and human choice: whether the tragic outcome is inevitable; controlled by the witches and evil forces, or by choices made by the characters.
  • Lady Macbeth: fiend-like queen or victim?
  • Kingship and tyranny: an exploration of the three kings presented in the play.


Digital Performance + Workshop

Join the Actors online as you watch a professionally recorded production of our play. Drop comments and questions in real time and our actors will respond.

Visit various topics and themes of the play with our post-show workshop which has been specially designed to aid in the study of the play.










Very animated and lively with lots of enthusiasm and good audience participation. It was amazing!

Year 11 student, John Hampden Grammar School

The modern twist appealed to the teenage audience and the great use of the text mixed with modern language made it accessible to all.  It was a fantastic production and excellent adaptation of the play.

Head of English, Winton Community Academy

The production was engaging and interactive and the interpretation provided by the Inquisitors was fantastic. The music etc supported the drive of the performance and meant that all the boys were engaged fully which was an amazing achievement. The pupils will remember lines from the play for the exam and they will also be able to consider effect more carefully now.  Finally, the context element was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance but also the performers’ willingness to work with the boys.

Vice Principal, Chichester High School

Creative team

Performed by Samater Ahmed, Premi Tamang and Josh Tucker; costume design by Sorcha Corcoran; photography by Lidia Crisafulli; production management by Pip Thurlow; directed by Iqbal Khan.

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