Introduction to Dickens

An interactive introduction to Dickens, his characters, themes and writing for Year 8 students.

The Workshop

An interactive workshop, introducing students to Dickens, his characters, themes and writing. The session will bring to life the key scenes and characters from novels including Great Expectations, Hard Times, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol.

It will also support and develop literacy skills as the actors explore with the students the ways in which Dickens uses a variety of language techniques to create vivid scenes and characters.

Student feedback

“It will help us in lessons. I’ve learnt lots of characters and novels and how interesting Dickens is. I have learnt about the different novels and it has motivated me to read ‘Great Expectations’

“They made everything sooo real. It was really cool. I would like to see them again. I liked the part from ‘Great Expectations’”

“I always thought that Dickens was boring but now I’m going to try to read some of his books.”

“I liked the way the actors moved around so that we could see different faces. I liked how they got people involved and I liked how they made the characters came to life.”

“I learnt that he wrote novels in separate bits and that he wrote 16 books, including one that wasn’t finished. His books seem very interesting and I think it will help me in class because they were interesting-sounding and they look good to read.”

Teacher feedback

“I really enjoyed the performance. It fell into place with the pupils’ English lessons so should really benefit their learning.”

“Really well done- and made me laugh- loved it. Held the children’s attention. Just very well done.”

“In my opinion it is wonderful for the students to get the chance to do something different. It encouraged them to read and share knowledge.”

“ It is very effective as the girls don’t realise that they are learning.”