Boxed Tempest (RAGE)

As part of our Shakespeare repertoire, we have toured Boxed Tempest from 2006 – 2009 to venues and schools across the UK.

Boxed Tempest or RAGE was developed to respond to the needs of schools as their students studied for English SATs.  As with all our Box Clever Shakespeare plays, the performance was accompanied by a workshop to help students understand the text and interpret what they had watched.  The usual fusion of contemporary language and original text, which is Box Clever’s trademark style, ensured students could break down the barriers they face understanding Shakespeare’s plays. Boxed Tempest will return between 2015-18.

The Story

If someone wrongs you, isn’t it right to seek revenge?
If that someone is your brother, aren’t you even more entitled to do so? But can two wrongs ever make a right?

RAGE – The Boxed Tempest takes Shakespeare’s story of revenge, forgiveness and salvation and reinterprets it in an innovative and seamless merging of original text and modern-day speech.

Teacher feedback (2009 performance)

“Thanks again! All our pupils get a lot out of your performance every time you come!”

“Yet again another flawless performance. We are never disappointed with your company, a great experience for our students. Thank you!”

“An excellent day, thank you!”

“This was a really enjoyable and valuable experience for students.

Students (from 2009 tour)

“It helped me understand the play. The play explained the characteristics of Shakespeare’s writing.”

“It will help me when we read the play because I can remember the performance and explain myself more clearly”

“Because I am a visual learner it helped because I was able to understand.”

“Might make me remember the story as the set was interesting and the actors were in character the whole time.”

“I didn’t understand it much, but after watching this it makes me understand it!”

“I now have a full understanding of the story line and it has helped me understand how it should be read.”

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