Well done to our Shakespeare team, Miles Jovian, Lateshia Howell and Riad Richie for battling through the elements and completing the second week of their tour of Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth. So far they have visited 9 counties, 12 schools and given 16 enthusiastically received performances and workshops to over 2,000 young people, mainly in Years 10-11. 100% of teachers who completed evaluation forms considered both productions as really worthwhile experiences for their students, holding their attention and helping them to develop their understanding of characters, themes and plot development.

Of Macbeth

From beginning to end the performance had our students captivated. Excellent job!

Director of English, Burnham Grammar School

Of Romeo & Juliet 

The energy and involvement of the three actors with the audience was amazing! The way the Narrator was able to bring back to the modern language and explain what was happening was great. It meant the students have enjoyed and understood the language of Shakespeare.

Head of Year, Welling School