A well crafted culture mash-up

Ipswich Town and Waterfront review for Time for the Good Looking Boy Review

Under the pretext of an urban ghost story studded with bursts of ‘rap’ songs, writer Michael Wicherek has written and produced a clever, one-man play that draws out issues such as unconditional love, regret and responsibility.

The absorbing, one-act play lends itself perfectly to the intimate surrounding of the Wolsey Studio. The story is told from a very minimalist set, so there is little to distract from Carl Chambers’ energetic and memorable performance as The Boy. Chambers captures the audience’s imagination and sympathy from the beginning and throughout the hour long play, which personally I felt flew by, Chambers proves himself to be an extremely versatile actor portraying not only the witty, misunderstood youth, but also seven other characters with great conviction.

Throughout the play, the audience is taken on a journey of twists and turns, both amusing and thought provoking, eventually closing in on the saddening theme of ‘things left unsaid.’ There is a noticeable intensity to this play, particularly when sat in the first few rows, which consequently heightens every emotion – so prepare yourself to laugh out loud and weep like a baby!

The play is a very well-crafted “culture mash-up” combining urban dialects with lyrical, poetic styles and original rap songs with emotional, dramatic monologues. Time for the Good Looking Boy strips away the preconceptions that surround the ‘street kid’ revealing an unforgettable character that contrasts street-wise adolescence with childlike vulnerability.

It was thrilling to see theatre stripped back to its core yet still manage to deliver a gripping performance. Chambers is an absolute joy to watch, whether he is rapping, dancing, cracking jokes or inviting the audience into his dark, childish nightmares. Time for the Good Looking Boy is a must-see if you still believe in the power of great theatre, and one person’s ability to take you through every emotion in the book. Enjoy!

Jazelle Johnson and Julie-Ann Bell

Ipswich Town and Waterfront