Romeo & Juliet, The Fringe Review

12 March 2014

Done well and with integrity 

“‘Sexing up’ Shakespeare can be done well and with integrity”

Romeo & Juliet, The Argus

14 March 2014


“This is a Shakespeare play teenagers will understand and, most importantly, relate to.”

Romeo & Juliet, ALT Entertainer

10 March 2014

Unique and compelling 

“This unique and compelling version of Romeo and Juliet comes highly recommended.”

Romeo & Juliet, Peter Viney

4 March 2014

Energetic and youthful 

“As someone who doesn’t like Romeo & Juliet much, I loved this energetic and youthful production.”

Romeo & Juliet, Manchester Theatre Awards

19 November 2013

A show with a heart 

“It’s all directed with verve and insight by Iqbal Khan and as an approach to Shakespeare from a somewhat oblique angle it works extremely well.”

Time for the Good Looking Boy, InSuffolk Review

3 October 2013

Raw and sincere 

“There was a rawness and sincerity to the piece which, emphasised by a simplistic set and dynamic lighting design, cleverly played with the notions of a home just a little too far out of reach.”

Time for the Good Looking Boy, Ipswich Town and Waterfront

3 October 2013

A well crafted culture mash-up 

The play is a very well-crafted “culture mash-up” combining urban dialects with lyrical, poetic styles and original rap songs with emotional, dramatic monologues. Time for the Good Looking Boy strips away the preconceptions that surround the ‘street kid’ revealing an unforgettable character that contrasts street-wise adolescence with childlike vulnerability.”

Time for the Good Looking Boy, The Argus Brighton

15 May 2013

Interesting and soulful 

“An interesting, soulful tale of coming-of-age, the play relies on underlying currents of guilt, remorse and youthful optimism.”

Time for the Good Looking Boy, Edinburgh Festival

August 2011

5 Stars 

“Every aspect of this production is outstanding. From the bare, basic stage set which subtly changes to reflect different moods and situations to the cleverly crafted and selected musical interludes, the atmosphere is intense and gripping.”

Time for the Good Looking Boy, What’s On Stage

August 2011

4 stars
“It’s the remarkable performance by Lloyd Thomas that really makes this neat one-man show.”
Sixteen Up, Sunday Times
October 2008
Delicate touch 

“The actors handle the subject with the delicate touch it requires and respond to a number of changes in pace with relish”

Sixteen Up, Irish Independent October 2008
Breathtakingly powerful performances 

“With two breathtakingly powerful performances by Wicherek and Turner, this most impressive production is assisted by the beautiful accompaniment of Jules Maxwell.”

Sixteen Up, Whats On London
October 2008
Beautifully written

“The play is a beautifully written, well acted and most importantly, a moving piece. No amount of audience detachment can survive witnessing the estranged lovers’ achingly poignant meeting.”
Dirty Kissing, The Yorkshire Post
November 2007

Pulsating thriller

“Even the show’s pace-setter, DJ Virgil Howe, pulls his trilby down low as he mixes the soundtrack of dance rhythms and psychologically disorientating ticking clocks, while choreography by movement director Georgina Lamb has a taught, claustrophobic urgency.”

Dirty Kissing, The Yorker
November 2007
Intimate and experimental 

“Michael Wicherek successfully portrays the transitory and ‘shaken-up’ nature of today’s Europe and explores individual struggles with new temptations that it thus inevitably creates.”