In February 2015, the company visited Hugh Christie Technology College in Tonbridge to present a series of workshops on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

As many students struggle to understand the language of Shakespeare, responding to requests for bespoke workshops is normal for the company.  At Hugh Christie, the students had just started to study the play formally and the school wanted to bring the words and stories to life through interactive drama to aid learning.

Box Clever delivered five workshops with 132 students in total with the students, in small group sizes so they would feel comfortable asking questions that challenged their understanding of the play. The team from Box Clever, which included Emma Butcher, Cameron Johnson, Evie Tyler and Corey Stuckey, explored the theme of love and the contrasting relationships between the four main characters.

To speak to Box Clever about bespoke workshops, please contact [email protected] or 0207 793 0040.