A change of subject again last week for our workshop team of Michael Wicherek and actors Lloyd Thomas, Rob Welling and Evie Tyler, as they headed to John Hampden Grammar School in Buckinghamshire to use drama to engage the Year 11 boys with their GCSE English poetry.  With the actors bringing the words of poets, ranging from William Wordsworth and Robert Browning to Wilfred Owen and John Agard, to vividly realised life through performance, the students were also involved throughout in activities which helped them gain a greater understanding of the authors’ techniques, emotions and intentions.

The workshops were very useful.  They gave a different perspective, brought the poems to life and were most enjoyable. 

Head of English

It was fun and enjoyable and also very worthwhile.  The actors were extremely encouraging and very helpful. I would love to do it again for the other poems.

Year 11 student