London-based theatre company, Box Clever, are delivering an exciting partnership with Oxford High School to support the development of their new touring production, A Christmas Carol.

The Company are currently in residence at the Oxford High School to rehearse and will premiere their new production on 14 November 2014. Michael Wicherek, Artistic Director from Box Clever says:

“Over recent years we have developed a strong partnership with Oxford High School which has involved touring our Shakespeare productions to the school and in recent years we have worked more closely with them to embed creative activity into everyday school life.

Last year we developed our theatre production of Romeo & Juliet at the school, which was a great success for both the school and us. Not only did we get to spark the imaginations of the students but we also got vital feedback from the students to help shape the performance.”
Students have been invited to attend open rehearsals with the company, taking up the opportunity to watch and to participate in the creative process.

As with the previous residency at the school in May 2013, Box Clever have also offered students a number of internships to work with the creative team. Maria Ansdell, a Performing Intern said:

“I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity. The company is so engaging and welcoming and give us a really fresh insight into theatre. I’ve learnt to throw myself at every opportunity given without thinking twice. I’m really looking forward to doing our own production having had advice from Box Clever.”

Joining Maria on the performing team were students Maya King, with Frannie Brown working alongside theatre designer Rhys Jarman and Katy Owen supported A Christmas Carol Director Iqbal Kan as Directing Intern. Katy said:

“It’s a great opportunity to talk to professionals in the theatre industry and I’m already learning a lot! I can’t wait to take what I’ve learnt from Iqbal and use it when we put on our own production of A Christmas Carol.”

At the end of the rehearsal period, students will be invited to see a dress rehearsal of the finished production and to give the company vital feedback. In addition, there will be a public premiere of A Christmas Carol at the school, to which students, staff and parents will be invited.

Head of Oxford High School, Mrs Judith Carlisle said:

“We love having Box Clever here at Oxford High. It is a ground-breaking collaboration. The residency allows our girls to be right at the heart of the whole creative process where they watch, learn and experience the process of producing a play from page to stage. The internships give them a professional and hands-on experience from managing light and sound backstage to understanding the techniques of directing. Who wouldn’t want to be part of something that will then go on to tour nationally? It is so exciting.”

A Christmas Carol will tour this winter to Theatre Royal Margate, Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough and the Louth Playgoers’ Riverhead Theatre.