Exciting times for the London students involved in The Hate Play project as they were the first to engage with the brand-new sequel as the rehearsed reading of the script visited their schools at the end of last month. The reading saw the welcome return of Zelina Rubeiro (A Christmas Carol) in the role of Tania, the key tormentor and bullying instigator in the earlier production, while Marc Zayat and Kadell Herida joined the company as Otis, her brother, and Ziggy, her boyfriend, respectively. The play explored Tania’s life and relationships raising important questions related to reformation and redemption, with plenty of dynamism, humour, audience interaction and music provided by Joel Nash. A further performance was held in front of a highly appreciative invited audience of company members, Trustees, funders and Clever Friends at Ovalhouse theatre.

Brilliant. As always, a quality production from Box Clever. Powerful, challenging themes presented in an engaging way, extremely professional and enjoyable to watch.

Head of English and Media Studies,
Ernest Bevin College