Our new production of Car Story has received top reviews from teachers on a recent tour to the London Borough of Bexley.

The Council commissioned Box Clever Theatre to tour throughout the area with their road safety and walking to school play and workshop, Car Story.

The new production, directed by Kitty Winter, is clearly our best version of the story yet. Our post-show teacher evaluation received 100% agreement that the show grabbed the childrens’ attention; encouraged them to think about road safety and walking to work; that the cast encouraged engagement from children and finally that it was a really worthwhile experience.

Michael Wicherek, Artistic Director of Box Clever Theatre, said:

“We love this show! Our road safety work is an important aspect of what we do and we were delighted to bring this story up-to-date and engage a new director to add a new perspective to this important message.”

 The innovative performance included new important safety messages, including the increasing use of technology with this age group. This is an aspect that teachers felt was very important, including the PSHE Leader from Danson Primary School who said:

“It was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved and has reminded the children of key messages in relation to road safety. It was good to get them to think about i-pods in the future when they are older and crossing the road.”

The new director, Kitty Winter, has a wealth of experience directing performances for children. Following her training at Laban, Kitty has worked with prestigious children’s theatre companies across the UK including Mercury Theatre, Kali Theatre, Theatre Hullabaloo and Wriggle Dance Theatre. Her specialism in bringing children’s stories to life in theatres has added a new spark of imagination to our award winning plays on road safety.

The performance is written by Michael Wicherek and performed by Matthew Rutherford and Stephanie Butler. The production and workshop toured to 14 schools across Bexley and was seen by a total of 1,282 pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5.

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