Very many thanks to all those of you who came to the showcase performance of Macbeth at Ovalhouse theatre on Tuesday. It was a wonderful evening with a characteristically brilliant performance by our talented trio: Lateshia, Miles and Riad. Their Shakespeare tour ends on May 25th after an increase of 20% in bookings on last year. Dates are already filling up for next year’s spring tour which starts on January 8th, so if you are a teacher, do make sure your school doesn’t miss out on our performances of Romeo & Juliet or Macbeth.

(of ’ Macbeth’) A fantastic production, full of energy, questioning and brilliant interpretation. We will certainly book this again. The students will have an improved understanding, knowledge of the text and interest in drama. Brilliant. 

Teacher, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

(Of ‘Romeo and Juliet’) The pace of the piece held the attention of 250 Year 11 students for the whole of the performance. The way in which three actors can present the whole play works brilliantly at this point – three weeks before their exams- to ensure that they have the key ideas in their heads. Excellent preparation prior to their examination. They will remember this more than their lessons. 

Head of English, North Kesteven Academy