Box Clever visited The Sunday Times Festival of Education last week, at Wellington College, Berkshire.

At the event, musician OneNess Sankara performed excerpts from The Hate Play, our performance which addresses the reality of bullying and specifically hate crime. This was followed by a discussion with Box Clever’s Artistic Director Michael Wicherek, and students from Bow School in Tower Hamlets, alongside their Headteacher Cath Smith. The discussion raised interesting points about the roles schools play in enriching the lives of young people, not just academically, but socially too. As well as this, the group talked about the importance of the arts in education, and the positive effects it has on the development of young people.

The Box Clever team also performed The Passenger, a new play highlighting the positive role that can be played by passengers to make car journeys safer. This interactive play uses original witness statement, news reports and statistics to engage emotionally with young people. The performance received a great reaction from the audience made up of a mixture of young people and teachers.

The Hate Play and The Passenger will be touring to schools from October – December 2015. To book, email [email protected]

Bow School: Cath Smith (Headteacher), Arifor Rahman, Yamin Begh, Armel Nene, Naief Ahmed
The Passenger Creative Team: Maria Gray, Alan Magor, Emma Butcher