: Time For The Good Looking Boy Posted on 22 August 2011

Written by Jake Orr

Time For The Good Looking Boy by Box Clever Theatre seems like a timely piece to be performed at the Edinburgh Festival. As young people across the country gain their A level results and ‘youths gangs’ are blamed for thw recent riots, young people have been left worse for wear. Michael Wicherek’s play allows its audience to journey into the world of a young black male and the urban youth life he lives. With an original soundtrack by Jon Nicholls, Time for the Good Looking Boy weaves slick hip-hop beats to lyrics by Wicherek. This mixture is excellently performed by Lloyd Thomas who rises to the challenge of performing in this one-man show and flourishes in the role. Wicherek creates a flowing lyrical piece that explores the narrative of a young teenager on a night like no other. We learn of his family, his relationship and friends. Wicherek is keen to show that whilst adults get caught in complexities of life, young people appreciate the here and the now. Whilst the ending might be slightly predictable, the journey is enjoyable – especially as Thomas slips from hip-hop raps to poetic dialogue that is engaging, amusing and full of energy. Box Clever Theatre continues to deliver high-energy and imaginative storytelling representing young people, and offers a different side to the hooded youths portrayed so frequently on our televisions.