Box Clever are delighted to offer bespoke workshop days, designed by our team in conversation with you, to create a tailor-made day of workshops for your students. These budget-flexible days are available on a range of topics, primarily focussed on English and Drama, but we are always happy to discuss any other ideas for workshops! Below are some examples of sessions we have run – these can all be used as a starting point to design your day


Can be designed for any age group 

Session length: Full day of workshops 

Poetry Day

Ideal for Years 10 and 11 consolidation or revision

Our team of actors visit and run up to three sessions across a day with a year group of students, with the actors performing a selection of poems from the GCSE syllabus and the students (working with a facilitator) helping the actors get into the meaning and emotional truth of the texts.

Dream Day

An ideal introduction to Shakespeare for Years 6, 7 and 8 

Our team of facilitators visit your school and rehearse a short version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with your students, culminating in the year group performing the whole story! Each facilitator will take a group of students and work on their section all day, helping the students create an interesting and fun interpretation of the text.  

Theatre Day

Our team of facilitators will visit the school and run a full day of Theatre workshops, focussed on giving your students a taste of life in the industry. Workshop options can include: a stage combat workshop, an actor’s approach to a text, monologue sessions for drama students, a historical dance lesson, a devising session where groups of students create and perform their own pieces working with our facilitators and much much more.  

Romeo & Juliet


Our team of facilitators will visit the school and run a full day of workshops based on Romeo and Juliet. This includes sessions on getting to grips with the language, the students hotseating the characters and much more. Can be adapted to focus on certain sections or themes if requested in advance.

An Inspector Calls

For Sales to Schools Only

Workshop length: 55 minutes followed by 25/30 minute talk-back

This characteristically innovative and interactive workshop will engage students fully with Priestley’s characters, themes and context while reinforcing key quotations. The talk-back session will allow them to interrogate the ideas and methods of the playwright further.