A London Play

A London Play

Sequel to the company’s exploration of bullying and friendship in The Hate Play.

Ideally suited to Years 9, 10 & 11

The Play

Focusing on Tania, the primary antagonist in the earlier play, the
script of The London Play has been developed from and inspired by project work between members of the company and four partner secondary schools. Workshops in individual schools culminated in a Gathering at London’s City Hall.

The new play will be touring to twenty London
schools in Autumn 2019 after a rehearsed reading at the four partner schools in March.

Full details to follow.

I liked writing new scripts and seeing how they would be incorporated into a play.  I learnt that all characters have back stories and it’s not just black and white. I would do something like this again because it was really interesting and exciting.

Year 9 Featherstone High School

 I would definitely love to do something like this again. I enjoyed every second. It was amazing.

Year 10, Langdon Academy

Creative Team

For the rehearsed reading: Zelina Rebeiro, Marc Zayat, Kadell Herida
(actors), Joel Nash (musician); directed by Michael Wicherek.

With many thanks to the students and staff at Ernest Bevin
College, Langdon Academy, Featherstone High School and Walthamstow School for Girls.