Belt Up

Dramatic new performance focusing on the importance of seat-belt wearing and the consequences of failing to do so, even just for a moment

Ideally suited for Year 9

Performance length:  60 minutes
Audience number: approximately 150
Venue: ideally on the flat in a school hall with the audience on three sides

Belt Up is a highly engaging, lively and interactive production which focuses on the fate of a young couple, not much older than the students in the audience, whose lives are irrevocably changed one evening when they travel towards a seemingly inevitable fate.  With the help of the audience, the company re-enact the scene to investigate the difference that seat-belt wearing could have made to the lives of the young people, their friends and families.

Belt Up is bought in weekly blocks by Local Authorities for use in their schools.

Belt Up Information sheet

Creative Team

Written and directed by Michael Wicherek; Miles Jovian (actor); Nasa Ohalete (actor); Michael Holden (actor)

Interested in booking this performance?

If you are interested in booking this performance or would like more information, please contact or 0207 793 0040