Sequel to the company’s ‘The Hate Play’

Ideally suited to Years 9, 10 & 11

The Play

Focusing on Tania, the primary antagonist in the earlier play, the script of Sweet has been developed from and inspired by project work between members of the company and four partner secondary schools. Workshops in individual schools culminated in a Gathering at London’s City Hall.

I liked writing new scripts and seeing how they would be incorporated into a play.  I learnt that all characters have back stories and it’s not just black and white. I would do something like this again because it was really interesting and exciting.

Year 9 Featherstone High School

It did not end well in The Hate Play for Tanya. At sixteen, she was the callous, deliberate bully of an innocent victim whose actions were punished and should not be easily forgotten or forgiven. However, although the future will not be an easy or straightforward journey, this new play shows that the opportunity of another way should be available to her as to everyone.

The sequel picks up Tanya’s story two years later when she appears to be getting her life back together despite the memories of the past. The support of her elder brother, Otis, and boyfriend, Ziggy, have provided foundations on which to build a future. She wants to move on and aspire to something different but is that possible in a world that poses so many challenges?

The new play will be touring to twenty London schools in Autumn 2019

Creative Team

Performed by Zelina Rebeiro, Marc Zayat, Reece Evans and Joel Nash; costume design by Sorcha Corcoran; photography by Lidia Crisafulli; production management by Pip Thurlow; directed by Iqbal Khan.

With many thanks to the students and staff at Ernest Bevin College, Langdon Academy, Featherstone High School and Walthamstow School for Girls.

With grateful appreciation too for the support of

as part of The London Project