A Christmas Carol

Ideally suited for Years 7,8,9,10, or 11
Performance length: 60 minutes plus optional 30 minute workshop
Audience number: approximately 150
Venue: ideally school hall with the audience on four sides

Our adaptation brings Dickens’ atmospheric Ghost Story of Christmas to life through the company’s characteristic cocktail of textual accuracy, fun, lively action, music and audience participation in order to educate, involve and inspire.  As our actors bring to life Scrooge, squeezing, wrenching, grasping, hard and sharp as flint, the audience will join him on the journey that he is forced to make through his past present and future until laughter and goodness replace the ice in his heart.

“The best aspects were the interaction with the students, the creative interpretation, the contemporary references and the sound effects and music. It really helped the students’ understanding of the story through the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the drama. It also introduced them to the potential for re-telling stories and updating them. The references to Dickens and othe in-jokes were appreciated by staff. Thank you!” 

Kettering Buccleuch Academy Year 10

“I liked how the whole cast multi-roled and performed contrasting characters. I liked the transitions into each scene. I loved how it had the basis of an old book but had mentions of things in the modern day world which the audience could relate to.

Funny, interactive, well put together, in character. You got everyone doing something and it was fun to watch and was very accurate, amazing and interesting.”

Teacher, King Ethelbert School

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Creative Team

Performed by Joel Nash, Roddy Lynch and Rhian Lynch; costume design by Sorcha Corcoran; set design by Rhys Jarman: photography by Lidia Crisafulli; production management by Pip Thurlow; directed by Iqbal Khan.

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Interested in booking this performance?

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