The Company

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Director & Choreographer Riad Richie
Stage Manager Grace kavanagh
Adaptation Michael Wicherek
Designer Sorcha Corcoran
Set Builder Michael Short
Production Pip Thurlow

More from the team

A great modern-day interpretation with excellent audience participation. The students will have benefited from seeing the actors bringing it to life.

Head of English

Bishop Young Community Academy

I loved it! I personally think that all schools should experience this. What I liked the most was how the actors used people from the audience in the story.

Year 11 Student

Aylesford School Sports College

Heartfelt performances, professionalism and a joy to watch. Thank you.

Support Staff

Folkestone Academy

I thought it was a better interpretation of ‘Macbeth’ than any of the others I’ve seen as it made me think about what the play is saying.

Year 10 Student

Dorothy Stringer School

Space Requirements

Ideally a main school assembly hall, theatre or drama hall. We prefer not to perform in a school gym or sports hall owing to the potentially poor acoustics. We need at least 4m height clearance over the performance space. 

We need a performance space that is at least 6m x 6m with two power points available. 

We require access to the space 90 minutes before and 60 minutes after the performance to set up and take down the equipment.  

The performance is directed and designed to be performed ‘in the round’ with students seated on 4 sides of the performance space, though we can accommodate other layouts if necessary. 

Live Performance + Workshop

Ideally suited for Years 9,10 or 11
Performance length: 55/60 minutes followed by a 30 minute workshop
Audience number: approximately 150
Venue: ideally school hall with the audience on four sides

Vibrant language and physical theatre chart the devastating effect that one act of evil can have on an otherwise honourable and loyal man – we see how the ripples of that act spread to destroy both Macbeth himself and all those for whom he cared. As their actions are challenged by a third character who also brings the wider world of the play to life, Macbeth and his wife are seen to become ever more prey to the devastating horrors they have unleashed as they move inevitably towards their doom.


An interactive exploration of Shakespeare’s presentation of the kings of Scotland
in the play Duncan, Macbeth, and the future Malcolm and Edward the Confessor
of England, together with Lady Macbeth both involves the students fully in the
issues while highlighting key quotations, and themes such as supernatural power
versus human choice

Rehearsals in Residence

Box Clever Theatre Company is offering schools the exciting opportunity to host rehearsals of a
GCSE text. A Box Clever Residency will allow students access to a professional creative team as they
prepare a new production. For full benefits, click below.