Road Plays


Award-winning Road safety plays and workshops for children and young people for purchase in weekly blocks by Local Authorities for performances in the schools in their area.


Touring Summer 2017- Autumn 2017


Feet First (ideally suited for Years 1 & 2)

A beautiful, family-based story which promotes walking to school and road safety awareness and which is filled with wonderful storytelling and live music to engage the pupils.

“It was a great way to get messages across because it was interactive and used all of their senses rather than just reading or listening. Because they enjoyed it, they will remember it. Thank you! I’ve just chatted to my class and they loved it and could all tell me how to be safe crossing the road!”

Head of Year 2, Lambeth

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Car Story (ideally suited for Years 3, 4 & 5)







A fun and interactive production which highlights road safety, responsible and safe travel to school and stresses the benefits of sustainable transport.

“It was very valuable as they were totally engaged.” 

Class teacher, City of London

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Belt Up (ideally suited for Year 9)

A dynamic and engaging production specifically designed to stress the importance of passengers as well as drivers wearing a car seatbelt at all times and encouraging others to do so.

“This was brilliant. You involved the students and they were able to get involved with real people.  The final scene really had an impact. The pupils were totally absorbed and asked questions which showed that that they were thinking about how seat belts keep them safe.”

Head of Year, Croydon

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Creative team

Michael Wicherek (Writer); Maria Gray (Actor); Cameron Johnson (Actor); Cory Stuckey (Actor); Matthew Rutherford (Actor)

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