The Hate Play

Ideally suited to Years 8 and 9

Performance length: 75 minutes

Audience number: approximately 150

Venue: ideally on the flat in a school hall with the audience on four sides

The powerful, interactive play portrays the devastating effects bullying can have on friendship and on the health and emotional well-being of a group of young people.


“I will remember the part when I cried! It touched my heart so, so much. I felt so sorry for Vic. The message from the play that I will remember is this: no matter who you are and where you come from, what you believe in and what your traditions are, you are still a cool person in your own way and have nothing to be afraid of.”

Year 9 student


“The whole performance was brilliant. Questioning the students and getting the responses back engaged and challenged them. The students all commented to other staff how good it was. It will have shown students how bullying can affect people and it will make students think before they do the wrong thing.”

Anti-bullying Co-ordinator and Year 9 Phase Leader


Creative Team