The Merchant of Venice

Box Clever’s poignant re-imagining of Shakespeare’s most controversial play

Ideally suited for Years 14-16 year olds

Performance length: 55 minutes (without an interval)
Audience number: approximately 150
Presentation: ideally on three sides or face on

Two performers present a trademark Box Clever adaptation that fuses classical text with modern language. The Company’s inimitably energetic and involving style will challenge the audience to keep with the pace but then to hold back the tears when the full impact of the story takes hold. The adapter Michael Wicherek masterfully proves that the events and issues still resonate 400 years after Shakespeare as the play speaks to each new generation.

“I really liked the enthusiasm of the actors, the fact that the audience was involved and the way the play debates our thoughts and opinions about our society because it helps us to understand and develop the world around us without any injustice.”

Year 10, Our Lady’s Convent High School, Hackney

Box Clever first presented the play to great acclaim, at the Jerusalem Thespis Theatre Festival prior to a tour of theatre venues in Ireland. Iqbal Khan currently with the Royal Shakespeare Company, directs this new production intent on keeping with the company’s direct and embracing style, to ensure that the audience hear Shakespeare’s voice and words speak to us today in a world in which the links of shared humanity which should bind us and provide our essential social cohesion are too frequently challenged and fractured.

“The play  has a moral of a story about our world today and how people still stereotype each other because of culture, religion etc. It influences us to change the world around us and not to be ignorant.”

Year 10 student, London

With support from the Bishop Strachan School, Toronto, Canada, Box Clever will rehearse and bring the production to life ready for a unique performance in Court Number 1 of the Supreme Court in London.

“Never have I seen Shakespeare presented in such a user-friendly way. The juxtaposition of a single-handed relating of the plot of The Merchant of Venice, with a silent partner created a lively, memorable presentation”

Sixth former, Northern Ireland


Creative team

For Autumn 2018: performed by Lloyd Thomas; music by Enrico Aurigemma; costume design by Sorcha Corcoran; photography by Lidia Crisafulli; lighting design by Pip Thurlow; adapted by Michael Wicherek ; directed by Iqbal Khan.

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