Bespoke Workshops


An Inspector Calls: From 21st January to 1st February 2019, in response to requests from schools, we are offering a workshop on An Inspector Calls for GCSE students. In these a director and three actors will rehearse key scenes from the play, allowing the students to interrogate the text before seeing the characters come fully alive in short performance excerpts.

“It was really good and really helpful.  I loved the fact that it was interactive as it helped everyone to focus more and I was able to understand the characters’ viewpoints so it will be easier to write about them in an essay.”

Year 11 student, Witham


GCSE Poetry: A dramatic and interactive focus by our team of actors on up to four poems, selected by the school, brings language, imagery, rhyme and metre to life as well as allowing an in-depth exploration of the poets’ creation of mood and exploration of theme.  The reiteration of key lines and phrases, and the association of action and expression with the poetry also assist the development of learning strategies for examination purpose.

“The workshop had a very high academic content and, looking at the returns and the motivation of the girls who were involved since, I would certainly say the workshop removed the barriers that many students build up to poetry. I felt that I was dealing with an experienced and knowledgeable organisation that had the interests of the students at heart.”

Head of English, Chichester High School


Dream Day: From 28th June to 9th July 2018, we are offering our Dream Day which is ideal for Years 7-8 students, during which our team of actors will work with groups to bring the plot, characters and Shakespeare’s language to life in an action-packed, condensed, dramatised version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Interested in booking?

All our workshops are designed with the needs of your students in mind and we consult you fully during the planning stage before we go into rehearsal

If you are interested in booking a bespoke workshop or would like more information, please contact or 0207 793 0040.