Mark and the Marked

Friendship and anti-bullying performance and workshops in primary schools

New for 2018


The Play

Mark and the Marked uses vibrant physical and visual performance techniques to draw the children in the audience into the heart of a typical bullying scenario. A carefully structured workshop discussion allows the audience to work out what went wrong and why and, ultimately, to make their own happy ending to the play.


“I would recommend this 100%! The simplicity was incredible for all students to relate to: use of colour, mixed gender, technology and engaging methods were so professional, beneficial and understood by all!” 

Teacher, Tower Hamlets


The Project

Using the play, we will raise awareness of the positive aspects of diversity and the importance of difference for both the school community and wider community. The project will involve a tour of the play to 19 primary schools in North-West London, Scunthorpe and Wigan.  The company will then return to each of the schools to engage the pupils in writing workshops, giving a voice to the characters in the play-without-words.  The project climaxes at a Gathering for all those involved at Harrow Arts Centre in December.


Creative Team

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Confirmed project partners

The Mark and the Marked Project is kindly supported by the Arts Council England and John Lyon’s Charity.