In a recent two-week tour of Croydon schools, 2,780 Year Nine students became the first to see the company’s dramatic new production Belt Up.  Performed by actors, Emma Butcher, Kaitlin Cusack and Rob Welling, it focuses on the importance of seat-belt wearing and the consequences of failing to do so, even for just a moment. The performance is highly engaging and interactive, and clearly resonates emotionally with its young audience.

“It showed a side of teen drivers which made you more aware about yourself. It was good and it inspired me to wear my seatbelt so I could save my life and that of others.”

Student, Harris Academy South Norwood

“This was brilliant. You engaged the students and they were able to get involved with real people. The final scene really had an impact. The pupils were totally absorbed and asked questions which showed that that they were thinking about how seat belts keep them safe.”

Head of Year 8, Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School